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Why motion graphic and videos are needed for your business?

It’s because they’re a unique way to communicate. They blend the best of visual communication with motion storytelling and audio to create an engaging piece of content that helps brands share their story, reach people in different ways, and present their message in a compelling package.

Dental Solution Branding Ad

Essentially, motion graphics are just graphic design in movement. The practice of taking a still, flat design and adding dimension to it using the laws of time and space.

But even if that description doesn’t ring any bells, you would have definitely seen them. Across TV, film, apps, advertising and virtually any medium that requires some sort of kinesis, motion graphics are ubiquitous.

The Rise of Video Marketing

By 2020, Cisco predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will be video – so the potential market for your video content is huge.

Especially when considering the influential reach the medium has. Web users spend an average of 19 hours a month watching videos, with a 60% of shoppers watching product videos while making decisions to buy, with a 174% of shoppers actually making a purchase after watching a video.

What are you waiting for?

At Baro Solution, we bring together all the right pieces and deliver exceptional results.

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