Network Software That Changes Everything

Test-drive our SD-WAN Solution to see the benefits in bandwidth, visibility, cost, and control firsthand.

A Quantum Leap in Performance and Control

iPing System Defined-Wide Area Network is the future for secure,
cost-effective, responsive networks that can go virtually anywhere.

Over the years, your business traffic has been meticulously segmented from the perils of the public Internet. Now, that same data needs to be accessible and available from the company to the cloud to mobile devices. iPing System SD-WAN can be built over any existing private network, no matter the provider. It gives you all the network controls to secure and manage your data while meeting the access demands of your customers, employees, and partners.

When you implement our SD-WAN solution, you’ll get:

  • Branch connectivity with greater security and control
  • Reduced WAN complexity and maintenance
  • Adjustable WAN parameters to meet your application needs
  • Simplified configuration and orchestration

Features & Benefits

Make Your Wide Area Network Instantly Better

Using SD-WANs and software-based security services, businesses can transition from legacy WANs that use expensive private lines and proprietary hardware to next-generation WANs that use almost any type of low-cost broadband connection.

SD-WAN Platform Features

  • Developed by Versa Networks
  • Built specifically for SD-WAN networks
  • Scalable to 10,000+ locations
  • Supports Multi-Tenant Environment
  • Traffic Encryption
  • Intelligent Path Optimization
  • Application Optimization
  • Detailed Analytics and Basic Reporting

The result: simple, flexible, secure, and affordable.

  • Increase IT Agility – Customers can roll out SD-WAN and branch security deployments in just days without complex or proprietary hardware.
  • Simplify Operations and Support – With zero-touch provisioning and centralized management, you can reduce the time required to manage branch networking and security services.
  • Improve Application Performance and Security – By being able to identify over 2,500 different applications and map them to the best connectivity option, you can improve application performance, lower connectivity costs and increase security.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – Slash capital expenses by using existing network appliances and lower operating expenses by reducing the need for on-site visits and help desk calls.

Tech Specs

Re-Architect Your Network Fundamentals

Versa Networks has developed software that enables iPing System to build private networks over any type of broadband connectivity, putting network and security functions in software. This software also acts as a management and analytics platform so you can define and manage your network in real time. Get the latest in agile WAN deployment and management.

Private Package Includes

  • Site equipment
  • Software licenses
  • Management portal
  • Use of infrastructure controllers
  • Zero-touch install
  • Ongoing configuration assistance
  • Standard reporting package

Premium Package Includes

  • All the Private Package features, plus:
  • Secure internet access at each site
  • Groups and zones
  • Ability to chain service requests
  • Wireless redundant connectivity
  • Performance tuning
  • Detailed analytics

Connection Types

  • Any low-cost Internet broadband
  • Wireless 4G LTE options

Connection Speeds

  • 10 Mbps – 1 Gbps
  • Data Plans to 30G

Standard Equipment

  • SD-WAN X86 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) bundled with management software

Optional Features

  • Uptime SLAs
  • Compression
  • Firewall
  • URL filtering
  • Malware and antivirus
  • Intrusion detection and prevention